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Company Mission

Mori Building Investment Management Co., Ltd. ("MIM") is dedicated to the creation and development of major metropolitan cities. To this end, as a leading professional in the real estate investment fund business, MIM will provide investment opportunities in high-quality urban assets to investors both in Japan and overseas.

Guiding Principles

MIM is making unwavering efforts to enhance business performance based on the following guiding principles:

As a trustee in the exercise of its fiduciary duties, MIM shall endeavor to secure the trust and confidence of its clients by focusing on profits from the clients' perspective.
MIM shall proactively seek and address every challenge in its efforts to deliver unrivalled services and to enhance and improve business performance.
MIM shall avoid temporary and makeshift measures and consistently conduct its business affairs based on the fundamental principles of fair and impartial judgment.
Respect for Individuals
MIM shall always strive to create a positive corporate culture that values respect for individuals, irrespective of title or age, MIM shall provide a comfortable work environment to attract the most capable employees.
MIM shall focus on cooperation and teamwork, taking full advantage of each team member's individual talents, capabilities and unique identities.

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