• Privacy Policy

1. Basic Policy

Mori Building Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereafter "MIM") recognizes the importance of personal information (information including, but not limited to, name, date of birth, address, and e-mail address that is collected by MIM and can be used to identify a specific person (hereafter "Personal Information")), and recognizes this as one of its most important social responsibilities. MIM and all of its staff are committed to appropriately managing and protecting Personal Information, and fully abide by the Law Concerning Protection of Personal Information (Law No. 57 of 2003) and other related laws, regulations, and guidelines in Japan (hereafter collectively referred to as "Laws and Regulations").

2. Collecting Personal Information

MIM collects Personal Information in an appropriate and legal manner on an as-required basis for purposes specified in clause 3 below. Prior to collecting Personal Information, MIM discloses on its Website the purpose and intended use of collected Personal Information. When MIM collects Personal Information of an individual upon concluding a contract with the individual via that contract or other written letters (including electronic records such as e-mail), or when Personal Information is directly provided to MIM via other written letters or e-mail, MIM shall clearly state the purpose and intended use of the Personal Information beforehand. However, when the purpose and intended use is obvious at the time from conditions of the Personal Information being provided, or it is permissible under other Laws and Regulations, etc., such disclosure may be omitted.

3. Purpose and Intended Use of Personal Information

MIM shall use collected Personal Information to the extent necessary for achieving the following purposes, in order to execute the asset management duties for Mori Hills REIT Investment Corporation (hereafter "MHR") entrusted to MIM, and shall not use such information for any other purpose. Furthermore, MIM shall not change said purpose unless the change is accepted to be within a reasonable range:

  • To exercise the rights and fulfill the obligations of MIM and MHR under the Law Concerning Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations (hereafter the "Investment Trusts Law"), the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law (hereafter "FIEL"), the Commercial Code of Japan, and other related laws and regulations
  • To notify MHR's unitholders of information regarding MHR's business, etc.
  • To compile the unitholders' register mandated under the Investment Trusts Law, to prepare and submit MIM's and MHR's reports and statements mandated under the Investment Trusts Law, FIEL, the Commercial Code of Japan, other related laws and regulations, and directives from stock exchanges, etc. and to manage MHR's unitholders' information, such as compiling data of the unitholders
  • To respond to inquiries and requests for materials made to MIM and MHR
  • To facilitate borrowings and the issuance of corporate bonds and additional investment units by MHR
  • To facilitate the acquisition or research of investment assets, to assess the acquisition of investment assets and the sale of such property by MHR
  • To facilitate the leasing of investment assets by MHR
  • To facilitate the compilation of financial results and other tasks related to accounting or taxation by MHR
  • To execute appropriately and smoothly other tasks for MIM and MHR
  • To facilitate the provision of Personal Information to third parties subject to the original stated purpose of use.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

MIM shall not provide Personal Information to any third parties except in the cases listed below.

  • There is written consent.
  • Based on Laws and Regulations.
  • It is necessary to protect human life or personal property, and obtaining consent from the relevant individual is difficult.
  • It is particularly necessary for public health or the promotion of the sound upbringing of children, and obtaining consent from the relevant individual is difficult.
  • It is necessary to cooperate with the national or local government or a party entrusted by the government to carry out operations required by law, and obtaining consent from the relevant individual may be a hindrance to carrying out such operations.
  • When MIM discloses or provides the Personal Information to an entrusted organization under appropriate supervision, in order to facilitate the purpose of use of Personal Information within the necessary range.
  • Any other condition where disclosure and provision is approved by other Laws and Regulations.

5. Management and Protection of Personal Information

MIM applies a reasonable level of effort and takes suitable measures necessary to protect and handle Personal Information appropriately, and to control access to and prevent unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, alteration, loss, or destruction of Personal Information.

6. Consignment of Personal Information Management

MIM may consign all or part of the handling of Personal Information to third parties to the extent necessary for achieving the purposes and intended uses of Personal Information. In this event, MIM shall make appropriate and necessary supervisions to the third party to protect the handling of personal information and to select an appropriate party.

7. Procedures Relating to the Notification for Purpose of Use, Disclosure, Alteration, Suspension, and Termination of Use of Personal Information

MIM will take measures such as the notification for purpose of use, disclosure, alteration, suspension, and termination of use of Personal Information, according to Laws and Regulations, after confirming such a request is from the relevant individual or an agent of the individual. Please contact the Planning Department at Mori Building Investment Management Co., Ltd. listed in clause 9 for requests for the notification for purpose of use, disclosure, alteration, suspension, or termination of Use of Personal Information.

8. Continuous Improvement

MIM strives to adhere to this Privacy Policy, and will make continuous improvements and updates to this Privacy Policy in order to protect Personal Information. The Privacy Policy may also be amended in order to comply with amendments to Laws and Regulations.

9. Inquiries Relating to Personal Information

If MIM receives a complaint about how it handles Personal Information, it shall carry out investigations of the complaint and shall appropriately work to address the complaint. Specifically, it shall strive to appropriately and swiftly process the complaint, etc. within a reasonable period of time. For all inquiries regarding Personal Information, please contact:
Mori Building Investment Management, Co., Ltd.
Administration Department
12-32 Akasaka 1-chome,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6011
Tel: +81-(0)3-6234-3200 (Office hours: 10 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday except holidays)

10. Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization

MIM is a member (target business operator) of the Investment Trusts Association, Japan, which is an authorized personal information protection organization. The association provides consultation and handles complaints and other matters concerning the handling of Personal Information by its member firms.
The Investment Trusts Association, Japan
Investor Consultation Office
Tokyo Stock Exchange Bldg., 6th Floor
2-1, Nihonbashi-kabutocho
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-(0)3-5614-8440