Mori Building Investment Management Co., Ltd. ("MIM") is an asset management company which manages a real estate investment trust (REIT). MIM was established in January 2002 as a group company of Mori Building Co., Ltd., a leading developer of large-scale real estate projects such as "Roppongi Hills," "Toranomon Hills," "Omotesando Hills" and "Shanghai World Financial Center.

MIM is entrusted with asset management by Mori Hills REIT ("MHR"). MHR invests in high-quality real estate located in excellent locations in central Tokyo, a strategy that is captured in the phrase "Investment in the City." The reason why MHR targets high-quality real estate located in excellent locations of central Tokyo is because it considers that, regardless of the timing, tenant demand and real estate investment demand are strong for such properties and such properties can maintain high profitability and asset value in the mid to long term.

Furthermore, MHR's sponsor, Mori Building Co., Ltd., possesses a wealth of experience and know-how in urban development and has a strong track record raising the value of an entire development area through a process we call "town management." MIM will leverage the comprehensive expertise of Mori Building Group and, as a professional group in the real estate finance business, will mobilize the abilities of all executives and employees and operate business from a wide-ranging perspective in order to carry out the asset management of MHR.

While aiming to maximize the benefit of investors, MIM will provide opportunities to invest in exceptional real estate located in central Tokyo. Furthermore, it will aim to contribute to the development of the real estate finance market of Japan and strive to further enhance urban assets.

Once again, we are extremely grateful for your continued support.

Hideyuki Isobe
President & CEO
Mori Building Investment Management Co., Ltd.